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The Grand Lodge Manuscript (1632)

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MessagePosté le: Mar 21 Oct - 05:08 (2008)    Sujet du message: The Grand Lodge Manuscript (1632) Répondre en citant


Transcribed from the original by W. J. Hughan in his book “Old Charges” (1872)

The mighie of the Father of heaven and ye wysdome of ye glorious Sonne
through ye grace and ye goodness of ye holy ghost yt bee three psons in one
God, be wh us at o' beginning and give us grace so to govrne us here in or lyving
that wee may come to his bliss that never shall have ending. Amen.

Good brethren and fellowes our purpose is to tell you howe & in what mann
wise this woorthy crafti of massonrie was begun and afterwards howe yt was kept
by woorthy Kings and Prynces & by many other worshipfull men and also to
those that bee heire we will chardge ye by the chardges that longith to evy free
masson to keepe, for in good faithe, and they take good heed to yt, yt is woorthy
to be well kepte, for yt is a woorthy Crafte and a curious science, for their bee
seavin liberall sciences of ye wh seavin yt is one of them, and ye names of ye
seavin sciences be these.

The first is Grammr and that teacheth a man to speake trewly and to write
trewly. The second is Rhetoricke and that teacheth a man to speake faier in
subtill terms. And the third is Dialecticke and that teacheth a man to deserne
or knowe trueth from falsehoode. And the fourth is Arithmeteicke, and that
teaches a man to reken and to compt all mann of numbers. And fyfte is Geom-
etrey and that teacheth a man the mett and measure of earth and all other things.
The which science is called Geometrey. And the sixth science is called Musicke,
and that teacheth a man the crafte of song and voice of tongue and organe, harpe
and trompe. And the seavinth science is called Astronomie, and that teacheth
a man to knowe the course of the Sunne & of the Mone and of the Starrs.
These be the vii liberall Sciences, the wh vii be all found by one Science, that
is to saye Geometrey. And this maye a manne prove that the Science of the
worlde is found by Geometrey, for Geometrey teaches a man to measure,
ponderation, or weight of all mann of things on earthe, for there is no mann that
woorketh any crafte but he woorks by some mett or by some measure. Nor no
man buyeth or sellith but by some measure or some weight, and all this is Geometrey,
and all these marchants and all Crafts men, and all other of the vi Sciences,
and especially the ploweman and the tillers of all mann of graine and seeds
vyneplanters, and setters of other fruits, for by Grammr nor Arthmeteicke nor
Astronomy nor none of all the vi Sciences can no man fynde mett nor measure
w^out Geometrey. Wherfore we thinketh that the Science of Geometrey is
most woorthey that findeth all others.

Now this woorthye Science was fyrstle begun I shall tellyn- Before Noe's
fludd their was a man that was called Lamech, as yt was wrytten in the Byble in
the fourth chap. of genesis. And this Lamech had two wyves, the one wyfe
height Adaa, and the other height Sella. By his first wyfe Adaa he gat twoe
Soonnes, and the one heighte Jabell and the other Juball, and by the other wyfe
Sella, he begat a son and a daughter, and theise iiij children found the beginning
of all the Crafts in the worlde. And this elder soonne Jabell found the Craft of
Geometrey and he deptd flocke of sheepe and lande in the field, and firste wraught
houses of stone and tree (as yt is noted in the chapter abovesaid.) And his brother
Juball found the Craft of Musickc, Song of tongue, h.irp and orgain. And the
third brother Tubalcain found Smights Crafte of gold silvr and copper, yron and
steele. And the daughter found the Craft of Weaving. And these Children
knew well that God woulde take vengeance for synne ether by fyer or water,
wherfore they wrytten their Sciences yt they had found in ij pyllers of stone that
they might be found after Noe's fludd. And the one stone was marble, for
that will not burne with any fyre, and the other stone was called Latres for that
woulde not drown in water.

Our intent is to tell you treuly howe and in what mann these stones were found
that these Sciences were wrytten in. The great Hermarines that was Cubys Sonne
the wh Cubye was Semms Sonnne, that was Noe's soonne. This same Hermarines
was afterward called Hermes the father of Wisdome, he found one of the ij pyllers
of stone and found the Science wrytten thereon, and he tauhgt yt to other men.
And at the making of the tower of Babilon there was Massonry made muche of.
And the Kyng of Babylon that heighte Nemroth was a Masson himself and loved
well the Craft as yt was said with masters of stories. And when the Citte of
Nynyvie and other cities of the Est should be made Nembroth King of Babylon
sent thither fortie Massons at the request of the Kyng of Nynyive his cussin, and
when he sent them forth he gave them a chardge in this mann. That they should
be true one to another, and that they should live truely togither, and that they
should serve their Lord truely for their paye so that their Mr. may have woorship
and all yt long to him, and other moe chardges he gave them and this was the
first tyme that evr any Masson had any chardge of his Crafte.

Moreover when Abraham and Sara his wife went into Egypt and there taught
the vij Sciences unto the Egyptians and he had a woorthy scholler that height
Ewcled and he learned right well and was a Mr- of all the vij Sciences.

And in his daies yt befell that the Lords and the Estats of the realme had so
many soonnes that they had gotten, some by their wyves and some by other ladies
of the Realme, for that land ys a hot land and plenteous of genaration.

And they had no competent lyvelyhood to find their children, wherefore they
made muche care. And then the Kyng of the land made a Greate Counsell and
a Parliament, viz. howe might fynde their children honestly as gentlemen, and
they could find no mann good wages, and then did they throughe all the realme
that yf there weare any man that could enforme them that he should come unto
them, and he should be so rewarded for his travell that yt should holde him well
pleased. After that this cry was made then came this worthy Clarke Ewkled and
said to the King and to all his great Ix>rds, if ye will take me yor children to
govrn and to teach them one of the vij Sciences wherewith they maye lyve honestly
as gentlemen should, under a condition that you will grant me and them that I
maye have power to rule them after the mann that the Scyence ought to be ruled.
And that the Kynge and all his Consell granted anon, and seayled the comission.
And then this woorthy tooke to him these Lordes Sonnes and taught them this
Science of Geometrey in practicke for to woorke in stones all mann of woorthy
woorkc that longith to buylding Churches, Temples, Castles, Towers, and Mannors
and all other mann of buylding, and he gave them a charge on this mann.

The first is that they should be true to the Kyng and to the Lords that
they serve, and that they should live well together, and be trewe evy one to other,
and that they should calle evy other his Fellowe or els his Brother and not his
servant nor his knave nor none other foule name.

And that thei should truly deserve their pay of the lorde or the Mr. that they
serve, and they should ordeinge the wysest of them to be Mr- of the woorke, and
neither for love nor lynage nor riches nor favour, to sett another that has little
conning to be Mr- of the Lordes woorke wherby the lorde should be evile served
and they ashamed. And also that they should call ye Govner of the woorke Mr.
in the tyme that they woorke w1> him. And other many mo Chardgs that are long
to tell.

And to all theise chardges he made them swear a great othe that men used in
that tyme, and ordeyned for them reasonable paye that they might lyve honestly
by. And also that they should come and assemble togither evy yere once, howe
they might woorke best to serve their Lorde for his proffitt and to their own worship,
and to correct whin themselves him that had trespassed against the Crafte.

And thus was the Crafte governed there. And that woorthy Clarke Ewkled
gave yt the name of Geometrie, and nowe it is called through all this land

Sythen long after when the children of Israele weare come into the land of
Behest, that is nowe called among us the Countrie of Jerusalem, King David began
the Temple that is called Templi Dom, and is named with us the Temple of

And this same King David loved well Massons, and cherished much, and gave
them good paye, and he gave the chardges and the mannrs as he had learned in
Egipt given by Eukled, and other chardges moe that ye shall heare afterward.

And after the deceass of the King David Sallomon that was King Davids
Soonne performed out the Temple that his Father had begun. And he sent for
Massons into dyvrs countries and dyvrs lands and gathered them togither, so that
he had four score thousand workmen that were workers of stone and weare all
named Massons, and he chose of them three thousand that weare ordeyned to
be Maisters and Govners of his woorke. And furthermore t heare was a Kinge
of another reigne that men called Iram and he loved well King Sallomon and he
gave him tymber to his woorke. And he had a soone that height Aynone and
he was a Mr- of Geometrey and was chief maister of all his Massons and was Mr-
of all his Graving and Carving and all other mann of Massonreye that belongeth
to the Temple. And this is wytnessed in the Byble in the iiij of Kyngs and thirde

And the Sallomon confirmed both Chardges and Mann that his Father had given
to Massons. And thus was that woorthy Crafte of Massonry confirmed in the
country of Jerusalem, and in many other Kingdoms.

Curious craftes men walked about full wyde in dyvrs countries, some to learne
more crafte and couninge, and some to teache them that had bvt little couning
and so yt befell that their was a curious Masson that height Xaymus Grecus that
had bynat the making of Sallomon's Temple, and he came into France, and there
he taught the science of Massonrey to men of France. And there was one of
the Royall line of France that neight Charles Martell, and he was a man that loved
well suche a Crafte and drewe to this Naymus Grecus and learned of him the
Crafte and — upon him the Charges and the Mannrs. And afterwards by the
grace of God he was elect to be Kyng of France.

And when he was in his estate he tooke Massons and did healp to make men
Massons yt weare non, and sett them to woorke, and gave them bothe the Chardge
and mann and gave them good paye that he had learned of other Massons, and
confirmed them a chapter from yere to yere to hold their Assembly where they
woulde and Cherished them right muche and thus came the Craft into France. )
in all this season stode voyde of any chardge of Massonrie untill St. Albon's tyme,
and in his dayes the Kyng of England that was a pagnyn he did wall thee towne
aboute that is called St. Albons. And St. Albon was a woorthy Knyght and
Steward to the Kyngs household and had the goument of thee Realme
and also of thee towne walls, and loved Massons well and cherished them muche
and he made their paye right good (standing as the Relme did) for gave them ijs
and vid a weeke and three pence to their cheire, for before that tyme through all
the Land a Mason toke but a peny a daye and his meat untill St. Albon amended yt.

And he gave them a Charter of thee Kynge and his counsell for to houlde a
Genrall Counsell and gave yt the name of an Assemblye, and was there at him
selfe and healped for to make Massons, and gave the Chardges as yee shall heare

Right soon after the decease of Saynte Albon thre came dyvers menes into
England of dyers nations, so that the good rule of Massonry was destroyed untill
the tyme of Knigte Athelstone that was a woorthy King of England, and brought
all this Land into rest and peace, and buylded many grcate workes of abeys and
Towers and many other buyldings. And he loved well Massons, and had a sonne
that height Edwin, and he loved Massons muche more than his Father did, and
he was a greate practyser of Geometry, and he drew him muche to talke and
comen wh massons to learne of them the Craft, and afterwards for love that he had
to Massons and to the Craft he was made a Masson. And he got of the Kyng his
father a Charter and a Comission to houlde evy yere Assembly once a yere where
they woulde whin thee Realme of England, and to correct within them faults and
trespasses that were done whin the Craft. And he held himselfe an Assembly at |
York, and there he made Massons and gave them charges and taught them, and
commanded that rule to be kept for evr after, and gave them the Charter and the
Commission to keepe and made an ordynance that yt should be renewed from
Kyng to Kyng. and when the Assembly was gathered togither he made a crye
that all old Massons or young that had any wry ting or understanding of the
Chardges and the Mannrs, that were made before in this Land or in any other yt
they should bring and shewe them. And when yt was proved, there was founde
some in Freanche, some in Greeke and some in English, and some in other
languages, and they were all to one intent. And he make a booke thereof howe
ye Craft was founde, and he himselfe bade and commanded that yt should be
redd or told when any Masson should be made, and for to give his Chardges.

And from that daye untill this tyme Mann of Masons have byn kept in that
forme as well as men might govern yt. Furtharmore at dyrs Assemblies certain
Chardges have byn made and ordeyned by the best advice of Mra and Fellowes.
Tune unus ex senioribus tenent librum, et ille vel illi opponunt manut sub libri, et
tune precepta deberent legi &. Every man that is a Masson take right good heed
to those Charges yf that any fynde himselfe gylty in any of these Chardges that
he may amend himself agaynste Gode. And especially ye that are to be chardged
take good heede that yee keepe these Chardges right well for yt is great perill,
a man to forsware himselfe upon a booke.

The fyrste Chardge ys this. That ye shall be trewe men to God and holly
Churche, and that yee use nor error norheresye by yr understanding or discretion,
but be ye discreet men or wyse men in cache thing. And also that ye should be
leidge men to the King of England, without treason or any other falsehood, and
that ye knowe no treason nor treechery but yt ye amend freelyie if you maye, or
else warne the Kyng or his Counsell thereof.

And also ye shall be true cache one to another, that is to saye to evy Mason of
the Craft of Massonry that be Massons allowed ye shall doe unto them as ye
would that they should do unto you. And also that you kepe all the Counsells
of yr Fellowes truely, be yt in Lodge or in Chamber, and all other councells that
ought to be keept by the waye of Masonhoode. And also that no Masson shall
be a thiefe in compayne so far forth as he maye witt or knowe, and that he shall
be true cache one to other, and to the Lord or Mr that he serve, and truely to
see to his profits and to his vantadge.

And also you shall call Massons y Fellowes or Brethren and none other foule
names. And also you shall not take yr Fellowes weif in vyllany nor desyre ungodly
his daughter, nor his servant put him to no diswoorship. And also that ye
pay trcwly for his meate and drynke there wheare you goe to boorde, and also ye
shall doe no villany in that place where you goe to boorde, whereby the Crafte
might be slandered. These be the Chardges in generall that longth to evy Freemason
to keepe both M™ and Fellowes.

Rehearse I will other Chardges singular for Mr" and Fellowes. First that no
Mr or Fellowe take upon him any Lords woorke, nor any other mans woorke
unless he knowe himselfe able and sufficient of cunning to performe the same,
so that their Craft have no slander or disworshippe therby. but that the Lord maye
be well and truely served. And that no Mr take no worke, but yt he take yt
reasonable, so that the Lorde maye be well served wh his owne good, and the
Mr to lyve honestly, and to paye his Fellowes trewly their paye as the mann. is.
And also that no Mr nor Fellow shall not supplant any other of their woorke, that
is to saye yf he have taken a worke in hand, or els stand Mr of the Lordes
worke. He shall not put him out. except he shall be unable of cuning to end the
work. ^Into alBo that no Mr or Fellowe take no prentice but for thee terme of
vij yeres, and the apprentice be able of byrthe, that is to saye free born and of
lymes as a man ought to be. And also that no Mr nor Fellowes take no allowance
to be made Masson, without Counscell of his Fellowes, and that he take him
for no lesse tyme then vi or vij yeres, and that he which shall be made a Masson
be able in all mann degrees, that is to saye free born, come of good kyndred, true
and no bond man. And also that he have his right lymes a man ought to have.

Also that no man take any prentice unless he have sufficient occupation for to
sett him on, or to sett iii of his Fellowes, or ii at the least on worke. And also
that no Mr nor Fellowe shall take no mans woorke to taske that was wont to goe
on journey. Also that every Mr shall give paye to his Fellowes, but as they deserve,
so that he be not deceived with false workmen.

Also that no Mason slander any other behynde his back to make him lose
his good name or his wordly goods. Also that no Fellow within the Lodge or
without mysanswer another ungodly nor reproachfully without reasonable cause.
Also that evy shall Masson reverence his elder and put him to worship. And also
that no masson shall be comon player at hassard or at dyce, nor at non other
unlawfull playes wherby the Craft might be slandered.

And also that no Masson shall use no leachery nor be no baude wherby the Craft
might be slandered. And also that no Fellowe goe into the towne a nighte
tymes without there is a Lodge of Fellowes, without he have a fellow with him
that he might beare him wytness that he was in honest place. Also that evy Mr
and Fellowe shall come to the Assembly, that if that it be within fyftie mylles about
him, yf he have any warning. And if he have trespassed against the Crafte then
he to abyde the award of the Mrs and Fellowes. Also that evy Mr & Fellowe
that have trespassed against the Crafte shall stand then to the award of the
Mrs and Fellowes, to make them accord if they can, and if they may not accorde
then to goe to the comon lawe.

Also that no Mr nor Fellowe make no mould nor square, nor rule to no layr,
nor sett no layar within the Lodge nor without it to hew no moulde stones. And
also that evy Mason receive and cherishe Fellowes when they come over the
countreyes, and to sett them a worke, if they will, as the mann. is, that is to say
if they have mould stones in his place, or els yee shall refreshe him with moony
unto the next lodging.

Also that every Mason shall truely serve the Lodge for his paye, and evy Mr
truly to make ane end of his worke be yt taske or journey, if he have his commands,
and all that he ought to have.

These charges that we have now rehearsed unto yu all, and all others that
belong to Masons, ye shall keepe, so healpe you God, and your halydome, and
by this booke in yor hands unto yr power. Amen. So be it.

Scriptum Anno domini 1132 Die Decembris 25

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